• Innovation In Music

    Innovation In Music

    Artist | Technology | Production | Industry

    Innovation in Music (InMusic’15) is a European music industry conference that sits alongside a suite of conferences organised by KES International. KES International is a not for profit organisation that exists to disseminate research and best practice through a number of disciplines. KES’ main focus at present includes Media (InMusic and Film Archiving); Sustainability and also Intelligent Systems.

    Innovation In Music was created by a number of academics and industry practitioners within the UK and Europe to discuss the interface between the Artist through the industry to the consumer. The music industry is going through a considerable amount of change with fantastic innovations that need to be discussed socially, technically and morally. Innovation In Music is the forum for this.



  • Perspectives On Music Production

    Perspectives On Music Production

    Mixing Music

    This series, Perspectives on Music Production, collects detailed and experientially informed considerations of record production from a multitude of perspectives, by authors working in a wide array of academic, creative and professional contexts. We solicit the perspectives of scholars of every disciplinary stripe, alongside recordists and recording musicians themselves, to provide a fully comprehensive analytic point-of-view on each component stage of music production. Each volume in the series thus focuses directly on a distinct stage of music production, from pre-production through recording (audio engineering), mixing, mastering, to marketing and promotions.



    To download audio from the Mixing Music book, please follow the button link below.


  • Chromacoustics & Lumacoustics

    Chromacoustics & Lumacoustics

    Sound Installations

    Sonification is perceptualization of data as sound.  There are many ways to sonify data, audification – mapping numeric values to equivalent audIo attributes, like, frequency, amplitude, or LFO rate – remains a fruitful and popular technique. Chomacoustics/Lumacoustics explores audification of colour and light. Once you enter the Chromacoustic/lumacoustic chamber you are immediately immersed in a constantly varying light and colour field.

    As you move through the chamber, you will introduce variations in the color and light values that sensors registor at varying points through the environment. These numerIc differences are mapped to musical attributes like pitch, amplitude and LFO rate and are used to trigger samples. Thus, the chromacoustic/lumacoustic chamber audifies your movements in real time. You compose music simply by walking through the chromacoustic/lumacoustic chamber.

    When your session in the chromacoustic/lumacoustic chamber is over, you will be given a card with a number written on it. Use this number to download your “composition” from 72 hours after your session.